Madagascar Office

Since August 2014, the Malagasy subsidiary of MC Easy Freight operates from the prestigious Independence Avenue at the heart of the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo and close to Ivato international airport.

The full range of services is available, ranging from customs declarations to the transportation by air, sea, rail modes or truck haulage services, warehousing as well as freeport-related activities.

The dynamic team of the Malagasy subsidiary of MC Easy Freight is always present to assist and advise customers so that they can optimise the efficiency of their imports or exports.

The members of our team reckon more than 10 years' experience on average and thanks to their technical know-how, they actively contribute to develop the competitive edge of our customers.

Furthermore, in all the actions and initiatives they undertake, they aim at reaching excellence so as to go beyond the expectations of enterprises or individuals who have put their trust in us and fully respond to their needs.

The Malagasy office of MC Easy Freight reaps the advantages of the strong synergy with the parent company of MC Easy Freight based in Mauritius and its international network as well as the support of its global partners.

Our contact details:
1st Floor, 'Allain Sarl' Building, 15 Bis Rue Patrice Lumumba Tsaralalana, Antananarivo 101, Madagascar.
Tel : + 261 0 20 22 681 29
Fax : + 261 0 20 22 681 31
Email : [email protected]