Our Company

MC Easy Freight was launched in July 2000 and it stands out today as one of the leading fully integrated freight service companies of Mauritius with a workforce of 60 dedicated employees. MC Easy Freight strives to provide innovative, practical, efficient and value-added services to our customers.

With a One-Stop Shop structure, we provide personalized, reliable and timely services to support you with all of your global logistics and transportation needs.

Our Driven Values:

Customer focus : Our success depends on how we meet the need of our customers.

Excellence : We strive to achieve excellence in all that we do and in the way we do it.

Teamwork : We foster teamwork through constructive communication and mutual respect, in a conducive work environment. Together everyone achieves more.

Commitment : We believe in what we do and we are committed to achieve our goals.

Recognition : Employees are recognized for their contribution and rewarded according to their performance.